What's your most played game on Steam (in hours)

Mine is Gmod with over 9000 hours.

i have a problem


Source Filmmaker with 671 hours
Closely followed by GMod with 654 hours

If you think you have a problem you should see how many hours I’ve got in most of my games https://steamcommunity.com/id/originope/games/?tab=all


Terraria, with 919 hours and counting.

This game can be kinda dangerous to your schedule, especially if you start installing mods…

In second place comes Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, with 816 hours on record.


Terraria with around 3500 hours
Team Fortress 2 is a close second at around 3000 hours

I have a problem


Tower unite with 4,750 hours


GMod at 2070 hrs, and even though it’s not a game, it’s very closely followed by Source SDK at 2066 hrs.


Tower unite, with 511 hours.

yeah, i’ll get there someday.


Top 3


i need to get to 1000 hours on gmod, im so close
Tower unite my dream is to get 1000 hours


Gmod with 208 hours.

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Counter Strike : Global Offensive with 2376 hours.


Tower unite and the rest of my top 3 is software

Rainbow six siege about 425

Tower unite : 300 something hours or as i like to call my entire vacation period

Gmod (Only because of GMod Tower, i never really played anything else on GMod)
Then Tower Unite and Wallpaper Engine. Unite is about to overtake my GMod hours, which is good.

Garry’s Mod 4,300 Hours, because of GMT.
I’ll beat this time with Tower Unite.

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Same as above me except with 1600 hours on gmod

The last time I checked these stats was over three years ago. I thought it might be fun to compare them, so here’s what I said in an old, similar thread:

Now then, for the current top 5.

5: In fifth place lies TrackMania 2: Stadium with 246 hours! As someone who’s still active in the TM2 community, it’s no surprise that the most popular of the four TM2 titles lands in my top 5.

4: In fourth comes Tower Unite! I’ve got 273 hours clocked on it. Whether that’s a lot or a pitiful amount is up to you.

3: Our bronze trophy goes to Garry’s Mod with 280 hours, just barely edging out TU. I had over 100 hours on GMT, but just messing around with the rest of what Gmod has to offer played no small part in the total either.

2: TrackMania 2: Valley gets the silver trophy with 320 hours on record! This one is my favorite environment in the entire series since it’s got an incredibly fun to drive vehicle and the best looking vanilla scenery you’ve seen. If only one TM2 title was allowed on this list, then PlanetSide 2 and its 129 hour record would have taken fifth; other TM titles still ahead of it include TrackMania United as well as TM2 Lagoon, Canyon, and Stadium!

1: Finally, in our top spot lies Team Fortress 2. 347 hours are logged from me; that’s no surprise, it ran well on bad hardware and you can’t argue with the price of free (especially for a game like that). I still hop on it once in a blue moon.

Now for some fun facts!

  • If we combined all the TrackMania titles together, the series has a total of 1,230 hours logged by me! That’s excluding any time I played via the standalone ManiaPlanet, which isn’t through Steam, and totals to an increase of 935 hours since my three year old post.
  • Two games made it back to the top 5, and neither gained many more hours over the past three years.
  • Honourable non-TrackMania mentions include PlanetSide 2 (129 hours, as stated before), Counter-Strike: Source (106 hours, on the previous top 5), Arma 3 (104 hours), Insurgency (81 hours), and Crypt of the Necrodancer (66 hours and a dumb milk mod).