Whats your favorite hang-out spot in TU

What are some of the best spots to just sit and chill with your bros,
or what are some of the places you’ve made yourself?

My favorite spots are the Outdoor theater that I made:

and the most chill spot in TU, the quiet far rocks:

What are your favorite places to relax n’ chat?

I love chilling at the rooftop and my homemade bar

I once had a great experience just standing atop the fountain in the Plaza center watching the stars… one time, more people also joined and one person in particular played the song that played at the fountain in Lobby One through their mic. We had a great time there.

wait, i think that was me


the rooftop is now great-tier chill spot.

@DJKouta Hello, i was having fun watching wreck it ralph with you and then you closed the lobby ! :frowning:

Not happy because ralph was very un-happy when you decided to cut movie time :expressionless: but still i give 8/10 movie setup

I think condos are the best spot to hang out and socialize, but it depends on how the condo is built, of course.

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Condos are usually the best for socialization with someone, because y’all feel comfortable and everything, and if you want you can watch something without a lot of interruption or general lobby chaos and you also can’t get too lost either

Oh, Hey Lee! Yeah, was having problems with the setup on my end, so I closed it down to rework it. Sorry about that. I’m glad you liked it though.

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