What's with all the new update hate?

I every time I get into a game I see tons of people complaing about the update. I don’t see as often here but it’s still there but more mild. I am talking about people calling the devs worthless. People getting upset and worked up because they don’t understand the event. Why is this a problem I never seen this before after a big update.

To be honest, from what I’ve seen, a lot of people get upset at updates a dev team put out when they don’t meet that person’s expectations. I personally haven’t seen a lot of people upset directly at the devs but more at RNG and whatnot.

Fingers crossed people will be happier about the update when minigames come out and there’s something to do instead of waiting.


The RNG thing is understandable. It’s love it or hate it. I personally like it. I legitimately saw people getting worked up before they even got to the RNG stuff.

I think the biggest problem is that the minigames did not work at launch, and the minigames were meant to be the showcase for the update. They’re getting fixed (and should be ready rather soon), but that just leaves the more idly stuff. As such, while the update is atmospheric and all, there’s not as many interactive elements as was planned.

It also doesn’t help that the RNG hates people sometimes. I’ve had good luck, but I can see throwing 50 remains in the pot and not getting any ghost pets being infuriating.



aight. next event (winter event) will feature mini games the same as the halloween one, but you can choose what you wanna get! for example you can chose between christmas candle, christmas light, and christmas snowball, (not saying it will be in the event) but like that!