What's Up Ya'll

Hey everybody my name’s Christian you can call me Rip.
Been playing Tower Unite for about a year now with a bunch of my friends I met from streaming and we have come to love this game so much! I can’t even tell you how many people we have bought this game for just to hear “Sunshine Day!” in our games :joy:

If you guys see me in-game definitely say Hi I am super friendly and I hope to get to meet so many of you <33


glad to have you on the forums, i’ll look out for you ingame! ^^

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you got achievement for joining to this great community, don’t mess around and please, have an nice SUNSHINE DAY.



You got achievement for making other people buy this game so they can experience this wonderful sound.

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Thank everyone for the warm welcomes :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Welcome to the forums! Hope to see you around!

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What’s your favourite aspect of the game?

Greetings and also have a wonderful Sunshine day!

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Can’t lie the player housing is by far one of my favorite things, a lot of times me and the fam will just chill in the theatre and watch YouTube vids while BSing in discord.

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my man.

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