What's Up Fellow Gamers

Hey everyone! Realized I haven’t done one these things yet, so here I go (:

My name is Gurmble/Cara, I’m 22, transfemme, and uhhhhh a furry thingymajiggy! I started playing GMT in December 2015, and have been active on Tower Unite since shortly after launch, and have been active on the forums for around the same amount of time! Currently sitting around 1.25k hours on TU, and I’m definitely gonna be adding more to that number!

Just wanted to say hi finally, been meaning to do this for years. Really excited to see what the coming years bring for Tower (:



Welcome Gamer



Edit: Welcome!

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Welcome to the Club of Regulars Who Did Not Make an Introduction Post Until Very Late!
Continue to enjoy your stay!

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almost 4 years and you introduce yourself, I’ll cheers to that.

oh yea, welcome.

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Hey! That’s my joke!!!

At least it was before it got removed because some people found it beeing too “offensive”

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