What's the worst game mechanic you can think of?

Anything that strips the player of major agency factors. Anything that worsens your current state ingame without any warning, no indicator you could react to, basically whenever you can’t say “Oh I didn’t act in this better way and could have handled this situation differently, I see my mistake, I could have done better.”

“Flashbang! You won’t see shit for a few seconds! If you can’t visualize the environment you were just in and aim blindly, you’re completely fucked!” - I ace Resilience in PAYDAY 2 because otherwise Flashbangs have literally no other effect on me than to lower my enjoyment.

TF2 for example is about to change this for Scout (see Sandman).

Bad AI on important npcs, like getting caught on objects in the world that would cause you to have to restart a section or worse a cutsceen you can’t skip.

Also set amount of lives that once used up you have to restart entirely.

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The Tower Unite casino. Because no, i don’t want to spend 14 hours pressing space bar to gain any worthwhile units. I also don’t want to be stuck at my computer for 14 hours straight because if i even spend a minute not pressing that space bar then i will be kicked off my machine and someone else will take the jackpot that i have spent hours increasing. This is really just poor design.

it’s almost like they designed it after real casinos


Fetch quests which lead to a fetch quest which leads to another fetch quest which leads to another fetch quest.


When the final boss of a game is only and completely a quick time event.


What? A glicth, you’re saying? Oh my… it looks so intentional…


When a game teaches you one idea then the final boss battle throws new stuff at you. Ex. Game has no quick time events ever, then final boss is based solely on those.

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Third-party DRM systems solely implemented to block piracy that also affect the game in some way for legitimate buyers.

Not exactly a “mechanic”, but still a gripe of mine.

Difficult driving sections in non-driving games.

borderline kaizo sections in games, i wanna play Ori, not freaking Kaizo Mario World qwq

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I hate when the game is easy and then there’s a boss you get stuck on for days.

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Bosses that need to do an attack/expose their weakness before you can damage them
Cooldown-based abilities

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A battle against the final boss that’s going totally fine until you’re forced to run away because you’re “not strong enough.”

Looking at you, Magicka.

When you get stuck at a certain point at an adventure game and you’ve re-gone to every area you could but the item YOU NEED IS NOT HECKIN THERE AND AFJAOJIGQIWJOGQAEG[throws computer into the Ether]

If you’re wondering what game I’m talking about… oddly enough, it’s SpongeBob SquarePants: Lights Camera Pants for the PC. Don’t ask.

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