What's the worst game mechanic you can think of?

Note: Don’t say micro transactions, it’s way too obvious.

Making this thread because i’m bored and curious to see what people really don’t like to encounter in a video game.

My least favorite game mechanic is forced damage: where you can’t avoid getting hurt in a situation, no matter how good you are at the game. Usually comes with an extremely arbitrary excuse to explain why you got hurt for no reason.

Before you ask, yes, i’m kinda salty right now.

Being forced to find and use “special” consumable attacks against bosses that you must find in the world before entering battle. If you don’t have it, you get a game over. If you buy it from a store, you also get a game over. If you attempt to beat the boss with heavy damage and careful planning, I’m sorry, but the boss will survive with a sliver of health if you won’t use the “special” item. It’s funny how the game previous in the franchise actually let you have more freedom in boss fights, as you could kill bosses without their “special” item with planning.

On top of that, every single attack is consumable, just for laughs. We’ll just pass this off as a franchise with a heavy focus on puzzle solving, I’m sure that’ll excuse everything.


quick time events for boss fights

Pay real money to win (P2W)
Not-openworld games

Cryptic things in games in general. Stuff that’s in places that you wouldn’t know where to look unless you’ve played the game before, or have heard it through someone/somewhere else.

Default always-on microphones. Please, start mics on the off setting or at the very least push-to-talk. No one wants to hear everything someone has to say, and the only people who use always-on are people who don’t know that there are better options.

I’m looking at you, The Crew. I can deal with random people joining my crate runs, but I can’t stand forced mic chatter.

I absolutely despise quick-time events. Worst game mechanic ever.


Using my discord client without asking me
and disconnecting me from my current voice channel into another one.


being forced to download stuff you don’t want/need

125 hp shotgun-wielding runners from boston


Haha I get it but especially when they use the 2 shot gun



Waiting for NPCs to open doors for you.


most of the time, anyway. Features built exclusively around it get a free pass (in-game casinos, drop systems simulating scarsity, etc).


Inventory shit.
I’m not saying all inventories are bad, nowhere near that. However, many games do a lot of wrong things with inventories. Weight/carrying limits (such as Stardew Valley having a small maximum carry space, things like that) and awful, slow ways to try and manage or sort inventories (such as DayZ’s sluggish management) are game ruiners.

Forced stealth missions in non stealth games.


“I see you’re enjoying this game about shooting legions of aliens with a giant gun, now spend thirty minutes akwardly sneaking around six of them because they’re standing next to a big red alarm button.”



Super long, unskippable cut scenes and tutorials.

Worse yet when they cannot be paused.


Adventure games with big loading screens.

Getting to point A to point B is horrible when a big black loading screen ruins it.

Games like Half-life do things great. It’s subtle and you still feel like you could go all the way back to the beginning.

Doom (2016) confronts you with a large black loading screen and I hate it. It doesn’t feel like I’m exploring.