What's the music name used in the Steam trailer?

I remember back in the day when I used to play GMOD Tower with specific people on my friends list and I saw them running the game earlier today so I just had to check out the store page to see it for myself. I watched the trailer and loved the way it look definitely brought back some nostalgia and can’t wait for the day release. But now the music is also stuck in my flipping head and I can’t stop repeating it. I checked the comment section and even the end of the video carefully but couldn’t find it (FeelsBadMan). So I’m wondering if anyone from the forums know the name of the music used in the trailer? It feels like something from Soundcloud or maybe its from the actual soundtrack. If anyone knows it, I’ll greatly appreciate it but in the meanwhile I’ll explore the rest of the forums. Thanks! :smile:

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HO4Hehf8egs

It seems it hasn’t been used anywhere else. I am almost positive it was made by @donglekumquat , AKA Will. He is making pretty much all of Tower Unite’s music and, I believe, sounds. I’ve checked all of Will’s soundcoud and the forums, it’s not there. Sorry pal.


Oh so that’s William Smith, yeah his named showed up at the very end of the trailer but no name of the music/links to his SC and I searched soundcloud for his name but too much results. At least I can follow him now though. Thanks :3

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As EvKem said its Will. The track might be included in the Tower Unite Soundtrack that you’ll probably be able to buy.