What's the funnest moment you've had in TU?


I wanna hear some of the memorable experiences you had so far while playing TU, just curious. It can be anything from friendly to downright silly.


One saturday morning i went online on the old GMT server to play, shortly after i joined one of the random events happened, but apparently for some reason it decided to bug out which lead to people playing a combination of snowball fight and chainsaw massacre.


TU guy not GMT


I think the funniest moment for me so far, would be the entire Bone Zone 2017 “Lost Episode”

I found it funny due to the comedic antics that happened in this episode. All courtesy of @The_Lich and @Skeleman.
Not to mention the whole “Nam” flashbacks, and all the time they lost their temper. They were such a comedic duo, I want to feature on the Bone Zone again this year, but this time as a special guest instead of a member in the audience. I might need to find the right time to do this show cause the last 3pm EST show was a lot of fun even though it went on the lost pile.



I need my eyes checked it seems.
But still i haven’t had a memorable moment in TU yet so that’s the only thing i got.


This video is ages old, and if I watched it today I might not enjoy it as much, but this was an amazing night.


Can’t pick just one. I’ve had so many good memories in both GMT and TU. If I had to name a few, though…

  • My first time meeting Rob
  • Winning a huge WoM Jackpot
  • Visiting a man’s condo which contained nothing other than photos of Ron Jeremy plastered all over the walls
  • Rediscovering old GMT Friends again in TU
  • When I found a Cosmic Catsack
  • Getting a hole-in-one on a 4 or 5 par Minigolf course
  • Spending time in the discord and watching the development livestreams


My original two videos were taken down stupidly by myself, but the video remaining in the thread makes the journey so much more entertaining to watch. It also loops, how nice.

I’ll link it here for convenience:


I posted this once on the discord and some people may frown on this activity, but before food toggle I used to play a game where I’d scope out any food while condo hopping and try to munch down and see if I got caught. One time I enter a suite and find two hot pizzas on the counter with no one around besides the owner afk in his aquarium.

So I tear up the pizzas and check the fridge to find a bigger jackpot than any WoM payout.

I only get halfway through the beers when I get kicked.

I know its kind of a petty thing to do but I figured foods cheap and its just dumb fun. The only reason this one made me laugh so hard is because every time I’d look over to check on the host they looked progressively angrier despite not even moving.


For me, it was probably either attending TU’s first ever Bone Zone™ or finally getting Underwater after spending half of the funds on silver catsacks.


Hmmm…i would probably say the time i found macdguy AFK in The Transit Station

then we put fireworks under him so he got pushed into the train and into the corner of the end tunnel

We Then trapped him in a little firework base annnnnd


I completely forgot that i updated the thumbnail on that video. Caught me off guard haha.


By far, learning that my friend wanted the underwater condo and get it before he managed to get it