What's the current state of point state system?

Back when each environment had multiple tracks in one map, we had the point system for each place after each track and person with most points would win. Right now, those tracks have been separated out so that they can be played on their own - However, this makes me wonder - Whatever has happened to the point system? Is it going to be removed completely? If not, what changes will be made to it and how will it function from now on? I’m asking this, because when toggling scoreboards, you can still see points, although they seem to have had been changed in a way that I don’t quite understand. It would be sad if the point system would be removed completely.

I thought I saw Mac mention that down the road we will be able to make tournaments or cups of some sort. So the point system might become relevant again, not sure though I could be wrong.

Custom tournaments would sure be a pretty nice idea, I *have to say! I hope it’s true that they have this in plans.