What's the current state of point state system?

Back when each environment had multiple tracks in one map, we had the point system for each place after each track and person with most points would win. Right now, those tracks have been separated out so that they can be played on their own - However, this makes me wonder - Whatever has happened to the point system? Is it going to be removed completely? If not, what changes will be made to it and how will it function from now on? I’m asking this, because when toggling scoreboards, you can still see points, although they seem to have had been changed in a way that I don’t quite understand. It would be sad if the point system would be removed completely.

I thought I saw Mac mention that down the road we will be able to make tournaments or cups of some sort. So the point system might become relevant again, not sure though I could be wrong.

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Custom tournaments would sure be a pretty nice idea, I *have to say! I hope it’s true that they have this in plans.

It has been 8 months. I hope the revival of point system within cups/tournaments is still in consideration. It was a real fun part of the first Accelerate betas. I think a great idea would be to make the current system of separate tracks to race on their own and the old cup/tournament mode with each environment and it’s own tracks (or something similar to the original mode of play) like their own 2 modes for players to choose from. Since recent SDNL release a few months back has introduced modes mechanic to Tower I think this would really be a great time to reconsider this. Another way that I see cup/tournament mode being viable to reintroduce to Accelerate would be making use of future Game World gameplay mutators system if not with SDNL’s mode selection type of thing. If anyone’s got any info from developers on Discord or anywhere like that I would love to know more what’s going on with the concept of this system - Trello page for Accelerate beta sadly does not list any sort of cup/tournament mode which really saddens me as it was a great incentive to go back to Accelerate for me personally. I think it would be a big waste of potential to deprecate and remove such mode. Sorry for repetitive comment such as in the original thread, hope there’s more info about this out there somewhere. Would love to hear your guys’ thoughts about ways to make this mode possible again such as ones suggested by me. Thanks if you read this :smiley: