What's the current progress of Steam Deck compatibility?

There hasn’t been much news or updates about the Steam Deck compatibility yet, and I’m just curious to know how that’s going. Love to play the game on it eventually!

The game runs great on Steam Deck as is, but controller support is still ongoing. Most games have controller support and some menus do not (but you can use the trackpad or touch screen for those menus). We should have more controller improvements after the Halloween events.


You can additionally read player reports about how well Tower Unite runs on both the Steam Deck and on Linux.


Hey, are there any updates on when steam deck controller support will be getting released? The steam deck has pretty much become my go to system and right now I’m limited with what I can do in tower. It’s great for stuff like Arcade and Casino stuff, but when it comes to most gameplay outside of that it either feels janky or doesn’t work at all due to the controls not being there yet.