What's the best VR game you've ever played?

Got my Rift S a couple of months ago and the best game I’ve played is probably Boneworks.

Half Life: Alyx, Boneworks, and Beat Saber are in my top list.


Half-Life: Alyx overall for me, though I feel Boneworks is up there for it’s replayability because of the arena mode.

i don’t even have a GPU qualified for VR :sob:

Half-Life: Alyx and Pavlov are my favorites. if Contractors gets more popular I’d also recommend that but it’s not great as it stands.

Pavlov is the only game that manages to make Trouble in Terrorist Town fun and engaging. It has other gamemodes, a pretty big community for a VR game, and workshop support for modes and maps. Worth the price of entry.
Hotdogs, Horseshoes, and Hand Grenades is another great title. Focus on guns & gunplay, made by one guy over like 4 years. Lots of fun and plenty of things to do (as long as you like shooting).


Definitely Beat Saber and Blade and Sorcery. Lies Beneath is also a good honorable mention.

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Half-Life Alyx blew my mind with VR and stays at my number 1 spot for favorite game. 2nd game is easily Beat Saber

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Yeah I finally played Half Life: Alyx the other day and it’s on a whole different level. Other than the bullshit electric dog fights (literally never fun and every encounter took all of my ammunition), it’s basically perfect. 60$ is a high price point but it’s somewhat replayable and a VR must-try. At least play up to when you get the gravity gloves and see how you like those things - you can refund by that point if you aren’t happy with it.

Rec Room for the Oculus Quest