Whats going to be the rules of canvases?

What happens when there is loads of porn on the walls???

Whats going to happen.

There will be parental controls for that. I even think they said there will be a warning msg when you enter the condo that there MIGHT be explicit content.

It will all depend on the rules of the server.

Think of it working like sprays on a GMod server, yet there will be built in settings to warn users of possibly adult or offensive material.

What happens if its racist??

Depends on the servers rules @SuperOllieWorld

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Ok thanks for your awnsers :slight_smile:

It’s what we’re here for ^^

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As said before, there will probably be an option that lets you turn off sprays in a similar fashion to Team Fortress and other source games. It’s a bit unpredictable what users will put in their walls, so it’s what makes the most sense.

… I still don’t get why anyone would have a giant dong in their wall, but okay.

Don’t judge me!

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Remember: Condos aren’t hosted on Servers if I recall correctly, so individual server rules wouldn’t apply to them.

I believe the current system in place will work like this.

When you are about to enter a condo that uses Canvas’s, you are presented with a couple options.

Option 1. You can proceed as normal, with a warning that the user is using Canvas’s that may contain inappropriate imagery. Enter at your own digression.

Option 2. You can proceed, but have Tower Unite replace all the Canvas tiles with a default image from the Tower Unite library of default images.

Option 3. You can abort joining the condo.

I think this is a fair and simple way at doing just this. I’d also like to point out that I don’t think it would be fair to punish a Condo user for stuff they put on their Canvas, if YOU agreed to go into their condo knowing that there might be content you don’t like.


Condos aren’t hosted on servers? I wasn’t aware of that. So how exactly can you have people over to your condo? Would that require you to individually host your own condo, thereby making servers pointless?

I agree with this wholeheartedly.


I believe the current system is that Condo’s are instanced. Separate from the server. However, the server maintains a list of the current condos being hosted, so Via a Server, you can join a condo.

Again, all this talk of the system will be revised when someone cough cough releases a Server Architecture and Design document.


People better enter my condo with caution then :stuck_out_tongue: