What's going on with the Media Player?


I briefly looked through the forums and saw that soundcloud wasn’t working and youtube was slow, however I was wondering if these issues will be fixed and how they were caused.

Thanks for your help.


Media player is broken, due to steam update. Devs are working on upgrading the browser to chromium in next browser.

It sometimes works but steam launched a patch that updated their browser and broke the game slightly

Please see A PSA about catsacks and media players


SoundCloud has always had the low volume issue. It will be fixed in the update. As for the YouTube issues, Valve updated the Steam web browser and it seems to crash on advertisements or just randomly. We use the Steam web browser for our media player, which is why it has issues.

We are currently working on a fix, however, we can’t immediately put a patch out as we have being prepared.

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Thank you for your reply!

Very excited to see what comes with the next update!