i feel so lonely :frowning2:

I have a tab open for the forums anytime I use the computer.
Which I use almost daily

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For the forums?
Also I play Tower Unite almost every day.


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The forums are not a chat room.

Things like online forums are something called asynchronous communication. That large term means that someone contributes to a conversation, and their response is left for all to see. The next person can leave a response at any time, at any place, as long as it contributes to the topic on hand.

Texting used to be a form of asynchronous communication, but that started getting so fast that depending on who you’re texting it may be synchronous.

So the reason that “nobody is on the forums” is because we’re using it right. This site is a hustle-bustle of info and conversation compared to other forum sites, but it’s by no means meant to be a cutthroat, all-at-once experience.


i didnt read it but k

It’s the answer you’re looking for, you might want to read it.

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k thx

i can save you the time by compacting what he said

unnecessary amounts of text just to say “it isn’t a chat room” multiple times

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If you want something more chatroom-y, you should go check out the whole thread that @macdguy has about the Discord server