What Would The Base Browser Code Be?

Im Just Wondering What Browser Language Would Be Used For The Ingame Browser For The Theatre, TV’s And Radio’s And All That. Would It Be Chromium, Awsomomnium, Or Another. Because If i remember Mac Said In Another Post It Will Be HTML5 TO Play Videos And Play Radios From The Ingame Browser.

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Most likely one of those. I forget and can’t seem to find what it runs, but I believe Unreal Engine 4 has it’s own built in Web Browser Widget.

oh ok because i rember us mac users had problems with playing videos in GMTower Because Awsomonium Didn’t Know Where to Look For The Flash Player Plugin Due too The Devs Of Gmod Not Asinging Where it is but im not blaming Gmod devs because the mac version of gmod isnt really that stable. i just sat there looking at a screen saying Flash Was Not detected and i didnt mind it was funny just doing something in rl being afk in game no one notices.

Well, the problem wouldn’t be with Awesomium anyway (for Tower Unite) even if the Pixeltail Devs decided to use it, considering they are going to go pure HTML5, which doesn’t need any plugins.

Yh ik which is awsome no flash need :slight_smile: but the browser code they will run it off… and i also know anyone who uses chrome has the code for chromium somewhere in there computer because it is googles browser code

Well, Google Chrome is built off Chromium, but isn’t one to one with it. Also, having Chrome installed wouldn’t matter in the slightest if Tower Unite decided to use Chromium, as they would end up packaging it with Tower Unite.

yh which it has too because it has to have its own copy so that UE4 Can Detect and Say “This Has The Chromium Or What ever code Ill Run Properly with browser additions” or whatever but one more thing how would sound syncing work with videos and radio