What will be the price of the new underwater condo?

Just want to know so I can save up the units in advance.

It’s going to be somewhere between 300K and 500K units.

Oh sweet jesus. Thank you but where did you source that info? I notice you gave an estimate, is that a guess or is it based on something?

God damn that’s a lot. Here I thought I was being clever by having 200k saved.

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I’m not super surprised since it does look like an awesome condo.

True, but the last one and current highest is 150k. While I understand this condo would be more expensive holy shit is 300k+ a massive escalation. Like a 300k minimum implies it’s above that, and that’s already really high.

Personally I would like it to be something like 2-2.5k, it’s a nice middle ground for an high end condo


Keep in mind that this will be the biggest condo to date (excluding Smooth Dirt of course). You don’t only have a sweet underwater condo; you also get four mini underwater condos, an ocean surface building area, and an entire ocean floor to explore (not to mention the high likelihood of cool secrets to find). 300K - 500K seems like a very reasonable price range to me.


I don’t really think that’s a reasonable price for anything. Outside of Jackpot winners, and people who transferred an inheritance from Gmod Tower that is a shitton for people to have to grind. A figure of 250k would already be grindy and 100k+ onto the second most expensive condo. Going beyond that seems like overkill just for the sake of it.

Is it grindy? That depends on how you look at it, but I certainly wouldn’t argue with you. 300K alone is a ton of money already, and that’s the minimum possible price. The point is that this is something that takes a while to get. It’s something you work for; you can’t get it in just a couple of games. Owning it is a symbol of achievement and dedication, whether you were grinding slots and gameworlds or just enjoying your time in TU while consciously saving your Units. If you don’t think owning it is worth the time needed to gather the Units, then you don’t need to worry about buying it. You can always decorate other condos, and you could probably find someone hosting the Underwater Condo if you want a peek at it.


This is my point. 200k-250k is FAR from a couple of games. We are well past the point of excess as this would in that scenario be 100k more than the current most expensive item in the game. This is just piling excess onto excess for the sake of excess. 300k+ (possibly even 150k on top of that) is absurd.

if it get’s me to spend more time and reason to play the game (and same for others) then I’m happy

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Well, at this point it’s just perspective. I think having an ultra-expensive item to save for gives a nice long-term goal and a sense of accomplishment when it’s finally obtained, but you certainly aren’t wrong if you see it as an unnecessarily large expense which leads to hours of grinding out Units for something priced higher than its actual worth. I think we’ve made ourselves clear, so I won’t comment any further.


To me, 300-500k is not enough for how cool it looks. Personally, I would like to see the underwater condo be the most expensive out of all of them (including future ones). From the way PixelTail have said, it looks like they price the condos as they come out, meaning the condo after this (which I assume is the penthouse) is going to be more expensive.

I’m more curious about the penthouse to be honest

Are you not at all concerned about striking a balance between expensiveness and reasonable expectations? By that mentality every aesthetically pleasing artifact in the game should be priced out of reach of players who don’t dedicate their lives to grinding.

I have a weird outlook, I agree. @Arkive86 kind of already said how I see it so:

When I think of something that’s extremely cool, I do think almost un-achievable. If you were able to buy everything, you would never be pleased. But on the contrary, if you were to never achieve anything, or that goal is so far away, you wouldn’t try. I’m not the right person to make this decision, obviously.

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So you have to grind a bit for it… oh well? Honestly I’m with some of the others on this- it’s nice to have something a bit more expensive to work towards, especially with the sheer effort they’ve been putting into it. Making it cheap would just devalue all the effort and detail the developers are putting into it in the first place. :neutral_face:

And it’s not like grinding is all that hard in the first place (if that’s what you choose to do), between your casino game of choice and the minigames, you can get there with a couple hours of work every day for a few weeks. I like to switch between the casino slots (Grand Quest and Wheel of Money specifically); and Ballrace and (especially) Minigolf.

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it was said on stream when they were showing it off that the penthouse is going to be a little more expensive than the house

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