What was your craziest moment on gmod tower?

Just wondering what your most crazy moment was on GMtower.

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When foohy stood on the fountain and turned into a dinosaur.
Also when I went to the moon.


When the events had a minor glitch which resulted in people playing a combination of snowball fight and chainsaw massacre in the lobby.


One time some dude with the Batman mask ran around the lobby micspamming the the 60s Batman theme with a huge crowd of people following him.



(I was using my brother’s Steam account, thus the different nametag)

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There was a karaoke night party and there was someone who sounded like Nyanners singing the pomf song


This, without a doubt.

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Some dude wanted me to get banned from GMT the first day I played it cos I didn’t know how to play UCH and thought I was trolling.


  • Plasma’s Events

  • The 1st april of 2012 (or 2011 ?) everyone went online with Admin privileges, that was just an enormous fun and mess.

  • Becoming a fairy in the Lobby, by this way: using the stealth box, and the takeonme item and a jetpack, then you just fly around and above players, they look at that thing and asks “Wut, wat?!” I can’t forget this.

  • Using the ballrace orb to get out of the map, even going to narnia, sadly, this has gone too far and got fixed. :frowning:


First entering the game and finding someone run around inviting people to some dudes condo, once I entered the condo I found everyone dancing on couches watching spongbob steeping on the beat remix

What the hell did I even experance that day


We had to take a photo in lobby 1 with plasma taking it and instead of saying “Jump” he said “jimp”