What the heck do I do with the Eternally Burning Crab

got four of these litle buggers and have no reason for them.

you do nothing with them yet though judging by their tags you will use them for potion brewing when it is added and when fishing is added you can get it from that also.
this is only based on the tags though.

you hug them
kiss them
pet them
play with them
the possibilities are endless!


Make some krabby patties.


You watch them burn eternally probably.

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Get some kind of thermal generator and use them to get infinite energy. Then exploit this potential by selling it but not all of it. By restricting your supply you can sell at a much higher price than normal. Now you just need to sabotage all other electric companies so that you have the monopoly on electricity and can charge as much as you want!

This is the same tactic used in the diamond industry.

put them in the fridge


Just keep them while cooking is being worked on. :blush:

Keep 'em around. They’ll be useful soon.

Thanks guys for all the suggestion guys, They are now my best friends.