What socks are you wearing?

Just something to pass the upload time.

I’m wearing the 2009 Series HB 3918 from Hanes

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None (Barefoot)

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None right now, but I don’t mind some more exotic kinds of socks at times :x

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well it looks like someone checked out my neat-o website :wink:

Knew you’d take the bait!

Yeah, the website is really neat :wink:

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Some Puma socks, they comfy when I work hahaha :stuck_out_tongue:

Duuude, Puma is fantastic. I wear those to work.

Yeah same! I work at walmart so it helps my feet when I’am walking everywhere, best socks ever!

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Ik this is off topic but i didnt want to make a thread about it. Is there a way to post pictures on here with just the picture link (Ex: Gyazo/hgudhaudwuha) or does it have to be a file from your pc?

I wear my ankle high black Fila socks for work usually, shorter socks are the worst for me because my dress shoes leave blisters from all the running around Staples that I do

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Okay ima test lets seee…


Yeah see it doesnt show the image on the post

You just didn’t link to the image directly, so that’s the problem.
Getting back on track, I don’t really like socks, but I do find smartwool socks to be pretty comfy. They’re only wearable when it’s cold though, which never happens here.

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No socks, too hyped waiting for key in inbox listening to this

"does it involve the butter sock ?’’