What Should the theme music of Ball Race: Khromidro be?

Before the stream starts or something, what will your prediction of the new theme in Ball Race Khromidro be?

  • Calm, Cool and Peaceful (Based on the Mini Golf waiting theme)
  • Fun and Cheerful
  • Crazy and Goofy
  • Anything (Comment it)

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Here is the soundtrack used in GMT for Khromidro for reference.

Khromidro had the best soundtrack out of all the Ballrace maps from GMT in my opinion. It was energetic, long, and above all else, it didn’t get old loop after loop.

That being said, I believe Will can create a soundtrack that surpasses everything the old soundtrack was. It’s really not the community’s decision what the soundtrack sounds like anyhow.


Aah, I loved this song so much. It caught to me way more than Memories. I really think Will can recreate the same beats and tunes like the song.

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