What piece(s) of software can you not go without?

As the title says.
Mine are Headus UVLayout (makes unwrapping way easier) and AutoHotkey (replaces my keyboard’s useless email and calculator keys with more useful stuff).

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Virtual Desktop.

KeePass…as it holds pretty much my entire Online Identity.

Isn’t that rather… Dangerous?

It is, unless you have the necessary precautions and contingencies as I have done. The system itself is encrypted, and needs a YubiKey for access as well. Backup wise, its distributed on a number of computers, along with offline copies. Worst comes to worst, I have a paper copy I print every 6 months of the entire base64’d database that I’d have to type in manually to restore. Yubikey Private Key is also kept safe.

You know what the most hacker-proof method is?

Writing it down. You know, with pen and paper. I bought a cheap ninety nine cent notepad and wrote them all down and I keep it in a drawer next to my bed. Nobody can access it from my pc.


There are just as many dis-advantages to that as my system, if not even more. Regardless, we all have our own systems for things we do in life.

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VisualStudio, UE4 and KeePass (Like @Caboose700).

Google Chrome and Incognito Mode
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That’s pretty much how I store all my passwords to all my accounts. And it’s not so dangerous to do because nobody who is frequently in the flat would be interested in my accounts.

My most loved software would be AeroRainbow. Even though I rarely use it, it’s absolutely amazing, heck, I sometimes even feel like it should be a default function in windows aero.
AutoHotKey too.

  • KeePass
  • Chrome
  • Any Adobe product, really
  • Sony Vegas

In order of top priority.

-Any AntiVirus