What p2p looks like on a larger scale

Hopefully we won’t have to deal with that once the userbase of TU grows that much.


You know, Ubisoft are a little too good at making enormous mistakes.

“Hey, let’s make a multiplayer game, with no proper servers! What could go wrong?!”


Is what you see there really to blame on P2P? People with shitty connections and games just accepting data that might as well have been sent by a lag switch cheat?

This to me looks like what you need host migration and connectivity tests for. Have a certain ping? Connection lost. Use lag switch? Host migrated, now you’re the one fucked when the connection returns.

I think about P2P in Tower Unite a lot because I dont really like P2P in Big Triple A PVP games like COD, GTA Online and For Honor

But Pixeltail is such a small team and they can’t host hundreds of dedicated servers for gamemodes. P2P is one of the things that keeps Unite alive. If it weren’t for P2P we would go back to how things were in GMT where you could only have one game of a mode at a time and wait for it to free up.

P2P also lets people host private games with friends and can mean mean better connectivity for people in parts of the globe far away from where Pixeltail hosts there servers.

Another advantage as well is P2P can allow for sick social features such as chat across servers, it can allow hundreds of condos to connect to each other and hopefully in the future will let you see the ghosts of players from other servers making the world feel more populated.

Overall for a social game P2P has a lot of benefits. There are a lot of disadvantages which are softened by things like Weapon Prediction.

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