What items do you get from All the types of catsacks?

I would like to know what catsacks all of the items come from.

From What I know:
Golden Catsack, Bag of Units, Treasure Chest O’ Units, Cool Crab, Eternally Burning Crab, Metal Melon.
Cosmic Catsack, Always Lucky Slot Machine, Party Crab, Boulder Friend, Potato Gun, Flying Turtle, Gold (just a single gold bar), Gem.

(With a few older items like pianos mixed in as well)


Silver can also award the bar/pile of gold, big tv, laser projector, gem, and slot machine, from what I’ve seen. I’d assume the gold can also award the pile of gold, but not sure about anything else.


Normal catsacks contain a certain set of furniture that’s worth 100 to 1k units in stores/spin to win, as well as Silver Catsacks at lower chances.

Silver catsacks contain:

  • Always Lucky Slot Machine (lower drop rate)
  • Bag O’ Units
  • Bar of Gold (lower drop rate)
  • Big TV
  • Cool Crab
  • Eternally Burning Crab
  • Eternally Frozen Crab (lower drop rate, to confirm)
  • Gem (lower drop rate)
  • Golden Catsack (lower drop rate)
  • Grand Piano
  • Laser Projector (lower drop rate)
  • Metal Melon
  • Party Crab (lower drop rate, to confirm)
  • Pile O’ Units (to confirm)
  • Treasure Chest O’ Units

Golden Catsacks contain:

  • Boulder Friend (seemingly lower drop rate)
  • Cosmic Catsack (lower drop rate)
  • Flying Turtle
  • Pile of Gold
  • Potato Gun
  • some of the rarer items listed in the Silver Catsack drops but at a higher chance

Cosmic Catsack loot is currently unknown as they cannot be opened yet, but the Vovozela (wowozela? idk how they spell it) will be a possible drop


just got a pile of gold out of the silver catsack