What is the best way to make Units?

Not being about to join the game since very earlier alpha means I have to play in game worlds to earn myself some units to customize my condo and character. In your opinion, what is the easiest way to earn Units?

Farming Nimbus, probably, since it only takes 3-ish minutes for 1.2k units (given you know the shortcuts). Farming Garden’s also pretty good, but things fall to RNG sometimes.


What about Paradise? That one seems to be forgotten. I feel like Paradise is even easier than Nimbus despite the fact that Nimbus has the “light heartened, easy” title, while it’s not even the easiest. And it gets me 1.5k units each game (solo).

I’m creating minigolf server, map: Altitude, do a hole in one on first hole, than disconect and again from beggining. 275 U / 45sec.

That may be true, but a game on nimbus can easily take up to 3 minutes when paradise may take a little bit longer.

Nimbus, 3 players max, collect melons if 3rd place or just run through it quickly for the 1st/2nd place.

EZ Units.

I just do solo on nimbus, and holy crap man earning units feels so much harder and tedious than in GMT.
Also, I just noticed something: Units are considered to be worth more than GMC, but items’ prices weren’t adjusted to fit the corresponding worth (I think), infact some items are now more expensive. That just means we all now have less money.


Playing GLXY solo on ball race,i get like 1.5k

Playing Nimbus over and over is a great way, too.
It gets boring, but if have enough skill, you can complete all the levels quickly without failing, resulting in around 1,250 Units every 3 to 4 minutes.

I play Garden, Nimbus, and GLXY in that order. It gives me 5K units every time.

If you know how to Ballrace then play Nimbus or Galaxy. I find Galaxy quite easier.

If you have no skill in Ballrace then play Golf, specifically Garden or Altitude

If you’re going to play minigolf, you want to get pretty good scores as well.

Ballrace Nimbus is by far the least frustrating way of farming as of right now. Ballrace GLXY is really good for group grinding.

I dunno about golf. It’s how I used to farm, but these RNG tunnels didn’t give me a huge favor.