What is the basic concept for playing Typing Derby?

I rarely played Typing Derby in Tower Unite, and I’m not a very good typist while growing up. For me (personally), I commonly played FPS games like Gmod, TF2, L4D2, just to name a few.

If Meavis Beacon (English only) or Tap’Touche (French only) can have tendancy of learning gamers how to type before competing themselves in Typing Derby, What are the rules for being a good typist?

Games quantify how “good” typing is based on accuracy and speed. Therefore the requirements for a good typist are high accuracy and typing speed.

I was looking down on my keyboard to get my typing right, or was it?

Look down at your keyboard as much as you want while learning, but another great goal to aim for is the ability to touch type. Pushing yourself to do this helps to increase your speed by virtue of muscle memory and not taking your eyes off of what you’re writing.

If you’re unsure how to start touch typing, the Home Row typing style is generally recommended for beginners; though many develop their own eccentric typing styles that are just as fast.