What is meant by 'Backer Custom Rewards: Boardwalk Attraction'


Does it mean that that specific Boardwalk Attraction would only allow the Backers to use it?


No. There was a backer reward where you could design your own boardwalk attraction. Basically, it just means that a backer designed a new ride for the boardwalk.


We’re gonna have three of them, to be exact. That is, if the guys get in touch with the devs.


The reason I said one is because, if I’m not mistaken, the 2 producers are Zak’s parents and they didn’t want the reward. So therss actually only one.


Only one producer applied for a boardwalk reward.


That’s sad :frowning: Less content


3k dollars, who is able to drop that much on the development of a game as a backer?


Themselv- gasp The secret is out.