What is going to be done for lower-end PC's?

Hi, cruddy PC owner here. I read places that later in development settings would be added to make the game simpler to run. I was just wondering if there was any information on what exactly is going to be added.

I remember listening to an older livestream, where the developers have stated they are testing and making sure that the game will run fine on lower end hardware. They’ve already done some testing with this already, and will be sure to do in the future.

Remember, if the game runs poorly right now, there has been NO optimizations yet to the main game, and your performance may improve in the future.

Feature wise, I suspect you’ll see your slew of graphics settings and things to turn off to make it run easier on your computer. Unreal is pretty flexible with the hardware it can run on, with some games being able to be run on phones.

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Check this demo out.

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