What internet browser do you use? Convince me to use it!

I use Chrome. I like the Web Store, extensions system, and THEEEEEEMES.

Chrome. Why? Just do it.

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Personally, I use Firefox. Used it since Version 2. Mozilla’s made some mistakes along the way, but I still prefer Firefox to any other browser.

Edit: Backup Browser is Chromium, but I barely use it.

I use Chrome too.

I used to use IE a looooong time ago, then switched to Firefox for a really short time and then to Chrome about 6-7 years ago, still use Chrome to this day

Do I need an argument?

Yeah you really do


Used Internet Explorer since I owned a PC at all. But about 2 years ago, I switched to Chrome, and it has been giving me a wonderful user experience (themes fuck yeah). One problem I have with it right now is that Adobe flash player is being a bitch and won’t update automatically (this is built into Chrome), and it won’t let me manually download updates because it says that this will happen automatically. But otherwise, Chrome is really cool.
I also used Opera for a short time while still being at IE just to try it out. Can’t remember any differences between Chrome and Opera.

Firefox all the way.
More lightweight, better extension/plugin support, less buggy, more privacy, more security, themes are easier to create for it, Other things about why its better. Etc…

Story about computers, me, and internet browsers and how they relate.

I noticed most people switched out of firefox when the Google bandwagon had started, I had gotton on it on the same time but unintentional. I had just installed a Linux distro for the first time in forever and chromium was the only good free browser that I could think of that was Linux amazing guranteed. About a year later my Laptops internet had died, (I got it free from my moms work because between me and my dad we are the only technichally inclined ones there so we just got free tech all the time) After this I spent $250 on an Asus laptop that had windows 8. After using IE for like 5 seconds I remembered why I hated it and downloaded in order Chrome, Chromium, Canary, Firefox, with Canary as my chrome alt and Firefox as my last resort backup. Because Asus made things like to break alot (like the nexus 7…) the fan soon broke on it after about 2.3 years. The PC would not overheat but things became significantly slower and I found that chrome ate up my Cpu and Memory. I tried firefox and it did the same, but it just ran more smoothly. Firefox then updated it became 1000% better then chrome in efficiency on my Pc. Soon aftarwards after many many hard years of school my parents got me a new “Work Laptop” by dell. I tried chrome on it and once again it slowed it down to a halt. I tried firefox and it was Even Better. After about a year of online school on the work laptop I had made a 3gb usb install tf2, steam, and minecraft all portably somehow. And I used that for gaming. I eventually finished the online school 3 weeks late. On my broken PC it became my dedicated server. (I plan to use it for a dedicated TU server :smiley: ). I was lazy and kept it windows and kept its gui…
During the summer I installed steam, MC, and random junk I created or found useful, I found that Google had been under fire for even more “Your Not Respecting Privicy” stuff for chrome. While Firefox was still the best around and had not had any big exploits in a while. I jinxed it lol. Anyways they fixed the issue in hours and it was all better.

  • tl;dr - Chrome Lags, Firefox doesent, Firefox is more secure, and has more Support for Extensions then chrome.

Chromium is my backup. Just like Caboose700.

Chrome. It has a good store for themes and extensions. Its smooth, and it’s interface is great.

I don’t use this browser personally, but I want to let you know about an underrated browser called Vivaldi. If you remember using Opera back in the days before it became just a clone of Chrome, then this is the browser for you. It was created by the former creator of Opera in response to how the browser has evolved. It has loads of features right now, and is still getting more with each update!

#Get Vivaldi here!

Also, I use Chrome. I WOULD use Firefox, but for some reason it runs kinda slow on this computer, and it grinds everything on my computer to a HALT if I have too many extensions installed. (That’s my computer’s fault, though.) And I WOULD use Edge, but it doesn’t have extensions YET. But, we’ll see.