What have I missed?

I know I haven’t been talking or playing for a long time, maybe even around a year. I wanna know, what things have I missed? Bumper cars, new maps, new items? Whatever I did I hope I am still accepted in this community as I remember enjoying Tower Unite a lot. I will definitely want to check the game again at some point and maybe even start playing more again but I just don’t wanna have bad fame/reputation.


Depends. What is the last big thing you remember?

Community condos. Last time I played was somewhere around november of 2020.

We got gameworld Upgrades literally just earlier today, for starters


there’s portals and stuff now for your condos and there’s an item that acts as an aquarium so you can put fish wherever.

i kinda forgot what else we got other than the aforementioned upgrades.

So you might have seen the renewed nightclub.


You missed a few double Exp weekends.

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