What happened to the Tower Unite streams?

Can anyone tell me what happened to the streams that would normally happen every other Friday?

They’ve pretty much replaced those with the weekly dev logs. They said they’d still try to do streams whenever the team has more free time but for now there’s nothing.

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Ok, thanks for that.

RIP every other one of my weekends


I really miss them :frowning:




I’m glad the devs are spending their time in a more useful way, to be honest.

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I dunno, I feel like the streams were a really neat way to connect Pixeltail and their community. You don’t really get the same level of interaction just from weekly update logs, or even the forums as a whole. I always looked forward to the Q&A sessions in particular, because that gave us a chance to directly ask questions and offer suggestions that otherwise wouldn’t have gotten a response.

Also, 1-2 hours out of every 2 weeks isn’t gonna make a massive difference in productivity :stuck_out_tongue:


We haven’t discontinued the streams, we just haven’t been able to keep on a constant schedule, and often times we aren’t ready to show things off, or rather, things aren’t “stream worthy”.

There is often a good three hours before the stream even begins in trying to figure out what is going to be shown, who’s going to show it, how are we going to show it, who’s going to be available, etc. There’s always prep work that has to be done, which can basically halt the workday to get the streams ready.

For now, the Weekly Dev Log is the way we can show our progress on a week by week basis. We plan on doing more streams in the future, some soon actually, but until then, the Weekly Logs are the best source of information.