What happened to Bunny Hopping,Surf and Air Strafing?


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If you’re talking about TU in general:
It’s unreal engine, b-hopping is something Source does by default.

If you’re talking about the ‘experiment’ from one of the dev-vlogs:
It was just a test to see if it was a possibility to recreate b-hopping and surfing in unreal engine.
The devs even stated this will probably not lead to anything as it was mostly a personal project.


But i think they said that they will update the movement to allow bhopping and airstrafing in the plaza. Not added as a gameworld or something but just generaly to play with in the plaza and ofcourse the condos.


I’m very interested to see where they’re gonna release the movement changes to. It will impact Virus gameplay if it’s a totally global change…


We are planning to make it an item you can unlock at the store and you can equip to enable the effects.


Personally, I’d prefer if these kind of movement physics were just universally applied. It seems weird to me to lock this behind an item, but so long as it’s not expensive I’m not necessarily in disagreement with the plan.

I’m also kind of hoping this can combo with items like the speed shoes. 100 MPH surf maps, anyone?


The movement is drastically different and we found it best to put it as a movement item like the jetpack. I don’t think it’ll be priced high.