What happend to the Tower Unite: July 2018 Survey- results?

i thought mac wanted to post the results “soon”


i thought it was the devs just trying to figure out what the games need the most right now and now we can see the effects of it with the workshop and global chat (big things people want) is now being worked on and planned to be added

hm yeah, youre right but i thought the post the results…

eh i dont know really, i bet mac will reply to this later and say something about it

yup , i would love to know what others liked the most

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I’ll get them posted tomorrow.


i knew he would respond, he reads every single post on the forums (and for some reason i have started to do it too)

C’mon guys I feel like you just bullied mac into doing it

nah :kiss:

sure he reads everything :slight_smile:

fockeen G

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