What happen to the 10$ dollar selection?

Since you’ve guys mention a 15$ selection for survey, will you guys keep the 10$ for beta and the full copy of the game or you guys are still guys thinking about keeping that? I’m just curious because you guys only mention 5, 15, and so on. I’ll like to know what happen to it and if you’re going to plan on bringing it back or not! Thanks.

The $10 tier was an early backer reward, and was limited to the first 250 some backers.

Yet, I still remember that 250 backers goal wasn’t reached - there was still ~ 1/3 left, also - the Kickstarter failed, so - I think the early backer should return.

I personally backed the early bird $10 when the kickstarter first started and I believe it should return for those that are on a budget, but still want to contribute to the project, though I did up my pledge to the $15 pledge with the soundtrack and I think that many others did too so that is why the $15 dollar pledge was more subscribed than the $10 pledge by the end of the campaign, hopefully more people will be able to back it this time as there will be paypal support.

There were many people who backed the $10 early backer reward. The issue is when we have 550 backers grabbing the game for $10 instead of $15 because in the end we end up with less funding than what we needed.

There wasn’t a 250 person limit, it was like limited to 550. And it completely sold out.

Where as the $15 ones were…

I’m up for discussion about it.

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