What ever happened to the monorail?

It was featured in a lobby 2 trailer, then that was it as far as I know. Sorry if this has already been addressed. I believe it would be nice to see a monorail going around the lobby (or whatever you had planned for it). Now that it can become a reality with the flexibility of UE4, what are the current plans for it?

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I believe they are using the monorail as way to travel between Towers (servers).

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Okay, the monorail was ORIGINALLY intended to be a tour of the new Lobby 2 map, but due to several reasons, it was never included in the final release. (But you can still find voice clips of the tour guide in the Lobby 2 files. :wink: )


The way it sounds makes it seem like the loading screens for logging into servers would be the monorail, and I’m guessing it would be a cutscene with you getting out of sed monorail and then being able to run around and such.

It’s the little touches to even something as mundane as a loading screen which really gets me excited and ready to immerse myself into Tower Unite.

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