What do you think this New Store will be?


I was just wondering what this will be, it looks like a pretty big store which means it might be something important. What do you think?


could be more than one


upgrades store

also idk if the upgrades store is already somewhere because i cant play tu rn


the upgrade store is already in the plaza


oh ok


They sell steel shutters


Maybe it’s not a store. Maybe its a big vending machine


Appearance store


Oh, sweet. It’s finally coming back? Noice


Wait, what? I thought we weren’t getting the appearance store back?
I’m not complaining, though. I always liked it being a store instead of a menu in GMT.


Nice. I hope that we eventually get some wrist and neck items for it at some point.


Dude! I’m hype for this! :heart_eyes:

The idea of buying things from the pause menu may be convenient, but something about buying your items from a store in the plaza just has always made more sense if you ask me. It’s another one of those things that encourages player exploration and interaction. This also means that sales could apply to clothing items when the feature is eventually implemented.

Will the option to buy appearance items from the pause menu still exist?


I’m really really happy this is coming back. I really dislike the current system and now that there are unlockable wearables that aren’t in the menus.



Good guess. We should ask a Developer