What do you like about Tower Unite

what’s your favorite thing of Tower Unite




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it fum ( :


The profoundly high quantity of GAMING content.

The community (aside from condos)

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i love how dedicated the devs are to their game and its community! it’s fun watching how tower unite evolves, and knowing that every aspect of the game is done with great love is very inspiring! can’t wait to see which heights the game will reach!


I really like the aspect of feeling like a small town, and you walk around and chill, frequent the arcade.
The condo decorating is a big plus for me too, of course.
But as of recently, the community has become a big source of joy for me too.

I found out I liked these kinds of games back when Playstation Home was a thing, and when I’d play I’d always think to myself “Boy, I ish I didn’t have to spent actual money on the better clothes, items, ect.”, but I played all the time anyway.
After their servers went down, the itch for a similar game never went away.
Enter Tower Unite, the literal perfect fit in what I wanted, with even more possibilities for customization.
And all for free, as long as you’re willing to earn the things you want.
Really affirms how lovely and dedicated the devs are to player experience, and not a cash seep from their player base.

Anyway, TLDR, I love Tower Unite, and it’s the best game about nothing I could ever ask for~


aside from being such a social game where you can make friends really easy, with alot of replayability (with more to come!) and the devs still keeps updating it with interesting and upcoming content.

there’s also no microtransactions as mac promised, while i also hope it won’t turn into subscription based model aswell, i sunk alot of hours into it and i wanna keep on going.

Tower Unite is just life itself.


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Never encountered them but the concept is hilarious