What about these old cart variants and the race car from 2019?

So, on old Trello card for Accelerate from 2019, we have those amazing ideas for pre-existing default cart variants, as well as an entire, separate race car vehicle. Are those still going to be a thing considering the future introduction of the Vroomspeed Auto Dealership store to the Plaza? I know that we can already make custom carts for Accelerate and simply download & use them from Workshop and that we will be able to change some of the parts of our carts with different parts (such as more wheel designs/types) that will be available for purchase in the future, but I still believe that these designs would still be great, considering that we currently only have one default cart design which is quite plain and boring. Also, having an whole race car, would enable Workshop creators and players in general the option to have a vehicle with all 4 wheels of equal sizes. Thoughts?:

I’m pretty sure all of those are planned for phase 2 of upgrades, whenever that happens: https://trello.com/c/0LlX2NBI/589-upgrades-phase-2

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That would be amazing if it was the case, yeah. Although, I checked the link but I didn’t see anything referring to any kind of car on the list, which makes me think that while the other cart variants might be added, the race car might not - Or, at least, it wasn’t anything something I managed to find on the list, so if that one ultimately wouldn’t have had been planned, that would be kind of sad to be honest, as regular cars were always something I wanted for custom vehicles for this mode. To add on top of that, the interior of the store doesn’t seem to feature the Race Car from the screenshot, so it could have had been scrapped somewhere between 2020 and 2024 when it was first seen on that Trello card screenshot.