What about the email that we will get? :D

http://prntscr.com/7vt6tm It says we will be emailed right after the campaign ends… Im sooo hyped :D!!

I believe you misquoted them. It only says “after”, not “right after”. It will probably take them a few days at least to implement the steamworks features.

They mentioned in the campaign end update that they are already hooked up to Steam, they are just starting to add the APIs. That email will come once the alpha is ready in Steam which will probably happen in the next 2 weeks.


Just sit tight. We’re working hard on it.

It may be a couple weeks.

Woah, slow down there cowboy. We LITERALLY just got on Steam— there’s a lot of stuff for us to learn. That being said, we don’t have an ETA on the Steam alpha still. We’ll keep you all updated.

Whoopsie. I was trying to make an estimate based on the whole original estimate of Late August that was original stated, thats why I said it was a probability; Since I have no idea of how you guys organize your time frames nor how much is the complexity level of the Steam API. :anguished: