What about my corrupted condo in gmt?

my items don’t show up on the gmt website, no transfer stuff or anything, its like my condo never got corrupted
what about this then? the condo had some expensive items in it and it couldn’t get solved, i was told about some “database” and the devs didn’t confirm it or even show signs of it existing, only some people said there’s definitly a database, well, i don’t have my items, its just all gone

i didn’t expect this

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i had like 30 turkeys, these were worth so much


R.I.P Turkeys 2014-2016 ;-;

This happened me too and the roll back never worked. I lost almost all, if not all, my trophies, Lobby 1 plate, VIP basket, and about 8/10 of my condo. Is there a way that the transfer will be able to detect the missing items? This has been a mystery to me for more than a year now.

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[quote=“Link, post:2, topic:8352, full:true”] 30 turkeys

30 turkeys…

###Why on earth would you had 30 turkeys?!

You already were the manager of a toy-trains station.
Now I’m learning you were at the head of a turkey dealing traffic …

What’s next? Pots dealer?

*looks at Link’s GMT profile *

… oh, actually… nevermind, then…

Im missing my NES guitar as well.

it was thanksgiving, if i knew i would have my items stored in my vault :confounded:

There will be an option to select which Lobby you want to transfer your items from.

So for instance, if you lost a bunch of items during the Lobby 1 to Lobby 2 transfer, you can select Lobby 1 to get your items you had before Lobby 2 came out.

yeah but i got the items in lobby 2, then it got corrupted, so that’s not very helpful

On a related note, I didn’t lose anything in the transfer. I had all of my items up until GMT closed and yet, on my profile, tons of my items are missing. I own a lot more stuff than the transfer is showing.

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Yeah, I’m in the same boat here. Lost pretty much everything in my condo, but a good chunk of time after the lobby transfer. Here’s hoping they have a solution to it though.

You will be able to select if you want items back from lobby 1 or lobby 2.

Will we beable to see what’s in the 2 inventories form L1 and L2?

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That’s the plan yes.

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I think what Link is saying is that after lobby 2 was out, he ended up with the bug where his condo didn’t load like it should and wiped everything out, and is wondering how he’ll get the gmc/units for the items that were lost in that. As for selecting which lobby you want to get your items transferred from, that’s not much help when you played both for so many hours. Say you had X amount of stuff in lobby 1, but acquired twice that playing lobby 2 only to have that condo bug wipe it all and not have that fixed, it’s like a lose lose situation.

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Well, it’s a half-lose lose situation if you got 2 times the items during Lobby 2.

i had one raveball in lobby 1, a poster and a few walls, in lobby 2 the condo was so much bigger so i actually farmed in virus etc. (i never played minigolf in lobby 1) to decorate my condo since it was so big and empty, i heard about the glitch but i didn’t expect it to happen to me, that was stupid of me.

Mac fixed it

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YAY! Now if you could only get into the main lobby… :disappointed_relieved: