What about more ways to earn money? (for example a job?)

Just a little addition so you can earn money by washing the dishes or something.

Many people have suggested that there should be jobs already. I honestly think that having a job in Tower Unite just doesn’t fit in with all the other wacky activities.


What I don’t understand is why anyone would want to do some boring mundane job in the first place when you’re already able to make money from playing minigolf and shooting zombies. This isn’t a simulation game.


I think you took a wrong turning when you were looking for DarkRP servers.
Even if they did add jobs they wouldn’t be as profitable as playing mini-games anyway. The idea is to get the community to play together, why would we do that if we could earn mad bank playing alone washing dishes?

Like I’ve said in a different post, jobs don’t need to be all that bad. Just a simple little minigame that can be played at each store (or perhaps a multiplayer minigame such as seen in Playstation Home) is all that’s really necessary for a job minigame.