What about chess and card games?

o be honest a lot of people would play chess in minigames or in the condo including me.

The chess minigame could give you units per chessboard piecea you have killed with your chessboard pieces
It could also give you many units per win.

The milestones could be like “The majestic chessboard” that flies around you and sometimes certain chessboard pieces move around or “The full game” where a chessboard is flying around you and the chessboard pieces move and defeat the other chessboard pieces.After a while when the king is defeated everything moves back.

The team could also implement different types of chessboard games like “The Queen” where there are only Farmers and one Queen on each team.

They could also implement Sudoku.

“The Full Game” could also be a condo item where there are two ghosts having a predicted game. You could also edit who wins that game.

A lot of people would love to have card games like uno, dnd and so on in the game.It would attract other players that love card games but also other varietys of games like lets say Zombie Massacre because it is thirdperson or minigolf because it is golf. They would buy the game because it would seem like a good investment to them.

Of course this is just suggestion and not a good one at that but I hope that the TU team implements chess and card games into the full game or if possible into the early access.

Sorry if you have seen any grammatic errors I typed this on mobile.

Thanks for through this :smiley:

Are you the same guy who posted on the reddit a while ago about this topic?


Yeah since somebody told me to do it


Was it u/elementalmix? If so, glad to see you took my advice! This has been suggested a number of times before, I can’t find any official statement saying it’s planned unfortunately, which sucks as there is an in-game chess board item that is strictly furniture. Also the devs have stated that there will be nothing added to condos that gives units as condos are unregulated and this could lead to exploitation. In terms of purely an interactable game table which two players can play in a condo, yeah I would love this. Another suggestion I would have would be darts with actual dart throwables, but this can already technically be made with throwing knives and a canvas. One thing that is close to this is billiards, which is planned. If this gets added I hope to see more like it, potentially chess in the future.


Yeah with the two upvotes. That’s you right ?


I edited my last comment into a full response there.

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I didn’t realize how much I wanted chess in TU until just now.

I’ll beat all y’all nerds :wink:


Yeah yeah
I once beat someone with only farmers and took back my queen.
The guy had 2 towers,1 horse and a few farmers so you’re just a mere ant to me >:■

I think the arcade base would work well with making this.


Yeah it would actually work well with the arcade.
But will there be like milestones for chess like a diamond chess piece or a golden version for every piece ?

If this is just a game you can buy in the Toy Store, I don’t see why they would add milestones for it. Only major plaza activities, game worlds have milestones.

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To encourage people to play chess but then when they implement it without milestones almost no one would play it without a reason.

You don’t need to give me any more reason than chess in TU

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That isn’t true. If people wanted chess to have for their condos in TU, why wouldn’t they still use it with friends without milestones? They are adding a playable guitar and we already have drums and keyboard; people use those without milestones.

Well instruments aren’t games but chess is.
You would have to at least play a lot of chess to be good against others.
Chess is a game where you have to use your brain and skill against others.
Instruments need skill,dedication and etc. but
Chess is a game where you have to defeat the opposing team.
Well playing music is mostly not to defeat others.
It’s to bring joy to others.
I would love to play chess and then have like 10 golden chessboard pieces because i have played chess so much. But why should I play cgess when I get nothing but 1k exp and 600 units ?
It’s not fun to win and then get so few things in return.
That’s why I said that Chess Milestones would encourage people to play it.

Condo games (as far as developers said) wont even give out unit rewards.

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Yeah but i meant that if chess come into the arcade and you play it and get like 1k exp not into the condo.
In the condo, two bots would play against each other.

I think a good compromise would be to have minigames and activities like chess give Condo exp. That way there’s more ways to earn exp than just waiting around, and it gives us an excuse to give the condo milestone items related to minigames (cause let’s face it, the condo needs some milestone items :stuck_out_tongue: )


Lets see what the TU team will make out of this.
But getting milestones for chess is not a bad thing. As I said it’s to encourage people to play it.

I suppose this could be implemented if there’s a special chess game you can play in the arcade that’s separate from the condo chess. I would totally be up for this.

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