Werewolf game (3-10 players)

I bought 2 werewolves board games that were variant on the classic game of werewolf, but they are not actually the same.

All players are dealt with a role card, which they must keep secret, and should only look at once.

At the start of the game, all players must close their eyes for the night phase.

During the night phase, all players open their eyes and perform their unique action, then they go back to sleep.

After the night, the day phase will begin and for 5 min., all players try to figure out where the wolves are.

At the end of 5 min., all players must vote on who should be executed, and the game continues until the following winning rules:


  • The werewolves win all the villagers are dead.
  • The villagers win If all werewolves are dead.

Roles (in ascending order):

  • Werewolves (2): Who will see each other and try to kill a villager.
    Note: The werewolves must fake their roles during the day phase.

  • Minion: The werewolves to pull out their thumbs (hold spacebar) so the Minion can see who they are, without the werewolves knowing who the Minion is.
    Note: The Minion is on the side of the werewolf. If the Minion is executed, he will still win If all the villagers are dead.

  • Mason (2): Who can see each other and know whom to trust.

  • Bodyguard: Must protect one player from the werewolves’ attack.
    Note: If the werewolves attack one player who’s in the protection of the bodyguard, the werewoles attack is blocked.

  • Seer: Can look at the player’s card.

  • Witch: Can bring the player back to life, who got killed by the werewolves or kill another player with the poison potion.

  • Robber: Can exchange his card with another player’s card, and look at his new role.
    Note: If the Robber steals the werewolf card, he may join the werewolf team.

  • Troublemaker: Can exchange two other player’s cards, without looking at them.

  • Insomniac: Must look at the role card after all of the swappings.

  • Villagers (3): Simple role card with no abilities.

Special Roles:

  • Hunter: If executed, he must use a super vote at another player to be executed, before dying.

  • Tanner (optional): The villager who hates the job and wants to die.
    Note: If the tanner dies, the tanner wins automatically and end the game in the quick way.

Does this count?

I think this would be too complicated of a game for the arcade and wouldn’t thematically fit the other games


This would probably work better as a gameworld than an arcade game.

My parents think that both of my werewolf board games I bought are way too complicated to play one of these, except for Table Flip* from Game Grumps, who knows how to play this game

*: One game they owned: One Night Ultimate Werewolf