Welcome Back, Coont

Hello, uh, this will be confusing to some who don’t remember who I was but we’ll begin somewhere.

I was a player who frequented Tower Unite before the Optimization Update, and when I mean frequented, I was actually addicted. After clocking in 100 hours into the game in a dangerously short amount of time, I had simply burnt myself out of the game by that point. I stayed active on the forums for a little while with minor trash posting and random things, but I couldn’t really touch the game anymore.

So, about half a year later, here I am again. It actually amazes me that people have so much dedication to a game that simply just can’t receive content often enough, which kind of lead to the burnout of me and my friends in the first place. Some of the people that frequented here with me are actually still here.

While this is all incredible, I don’t really have anyone with me to help me get back into the game. Everyone I did play simply doesn’t want to play the game again until it has further signs of completion.
Onto my proposal, I really do want to get back into the game, it was awesome! So I’m going to start playing with the people I probably should’ve been playing with at the start: You guys!

So, I’m opening up my steam friends list to anyone who wants to add me:
And if you want to do a little bit of voice chatting, just ask me to get on discord.

I’m gonna go play for a little bit and get familiar with my condo again, can’t wait.

Coont / Actually Count


Welcome back!

i used to be VERY dedicated to gmt, i played it every day without getting bored of it and people didn’t know how, sadly this isn’t the case with tu (mostly since tu makes my fan go loud and that doesn’t make me very relaxed or immersed) i’d say walk up to people, type a lot to get people’s attention and join condo’s to get some results (success not guaranteed)

also Welcome back!

Welcome back!

Welcome back.

Welcome back to the forums! Enjoy your stay again! :raising_hand:

Trash posting? Addiction to the game? Wanting friends?
You seem like my kind of friend. :wink:

Lol, anyways, welcome back to the forums! Hope to see you on the game soon!

Welcome back to the tower and forums Coont. :slight_smile:

Welcome back Coont!

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