Weird Rig Issue

Hey, was wondering if someone could help with my rig? Iโ€™m rather new to blender, but looking at tutorials has made porting a model over to the TU skeleton somewhat easy. Everything looks right in Blender. Vertex groups are all matching the bones. Even the weight painting looks ok. As soon as I get in the game however I get this weird bug.


Does anyone know what the cause could be? Thanks for the help.

At least one of your vertices are painted to the root bone, basically you have to find out which ones are being pulled down then in Blender repaint it.

If you go into the Data tab, and look under Vertex Groups it will show all of the bones there including root, you can click on it while in weight paint mode and it will highlight anything painted to the root like any other bone.
Another way to find out is to go into Pose mode with the armature selected, and move the pelvis forward/backward as far as you need, anything weighted to the root will be pulled towards it which can help identify those vertices.

Sometimes it doesnโ€™t even appear that anything is painted to root, Iโ€™ve had this a couple times but you still need to identify the vertex thatโ€™s being pulled and repaint it, i tend to repaint it at 100% strength to the proper bone, which makes sure itโ€™s 100% attached to the right bone, then blur it together with the surrounding vertices.


Thanks for the help! It took some time, but the arm was also messed up too.

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