Weekly giveaways for games

I, probably along with many others, think that the casino has become way too big of a focus of TU. I think it would be great if there was a weekly reward for doing good in certain games.

Let’s say the game of this week is golf. A good way to get winners would be to see who did a certain map the fastest.

I believe this would make the community more attached to the games instead of the casino. 1 mil would be a pretty fair reward for #1, although I think #2 and #3 should also get rewards.

If you got any ideas for the other games, just post them.

Personally I don’t think it should be competitions with the winners getting all the prizes. A few select individuals are pretty much guaranteed to always be in the top due to their knowledge of shortcuts and exploits. I feel like instead, it could be a system where certain game worlds or activities get highlighted for double exp/unit weekends or something.


I agree with @M2TheT. For minigolf, the competition is mostly a bad idea, Not only its physics is unreliable, it’s a matter of pure memorization. There are some dedicated people who memorize every shots for the best score. Those people deserve their own spotlight, but not in terms of taking away daily/weekly rewards every time it’s on.

I think it could be just as flexible as “Play this game (1 match, 5 matches, 10 matches) with other players” and get their weekly reward.

There’s already weekly/monthly leaderboard planned for GameWorlds, so I don’t think we should bound rewards to host a competition to drag people away from the Casino. It’s getting a rework anyway, and if the players still wish to gamble then it’s their choice of entertainment and we should let them be. The current casino system has already shown how awful competitive rewards could hurt the friendly environment.

Some are mostly there to get more money for their condo, and in that sense, I partially agree with @Raven. Instead of trying to drive people away from the Casino, however, other activities should be adjusted to be less of inferior sources of income.


I like the idea but maybe instead of competitions maybe once a month for the weekend or maybe once a day every week offer a double or triple the units you get for doing any of the mini games, so no one gets singled out and everyone can get in on it, or maybe events that will highlight one of the mini games for the weekend that give out double/triple units for participating in at any time.

That’s my two cents anyways.

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