Weekly Dev Log for September 24th, 2018


Based on my experience in Gmod you could have 7 people pointing on the same object while telling someone to look at it and they still wouldn’t be able to see where it is.
The catsacks are propably gonna love this one though.

And yes Toxic, gone are the days where you had to buy silver catsacks in the hope of getting golden ones, which is nice because it seems like bowling is beginning to get alot of stutter when you play it.

Also if that car is a new possible character i would like to have a transformer character option.


The car belongs to the new character


I would very much like the ability to have it transform into a large robot please.


Would you like fries with that?


Do you want ketchup with that?


Would you like an apple pie with that?


would you like EGG?


Amazing, I’m getting excited!


glad that we can switch off the visuals of workshop in virus.
but im hyped for the other things.


Question about the gizmos, will there be grid snapping?


Not initially but is something planned to be added after the initial release.


I see. good to know.


We have grid snapping already, but we do not have object snapping.