Weekly Dev Log for March 11th, 2024

Weekly Dev Log for March 11th, 2024

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Weekly Dev Log for March 11th, 2024, detailing all the changes that have happened since March 4th, 2024. Note: Devs that don’t appear in the weekly log are not necessarily away or not doing work, but may be working on things currently not announced or backend work that doesn’t need to be detailed.

Workshop SDK: Mover Tools

@macdguy added a “mesh track type” option to the Mover Train. There’s one for trains, coasters, and dark rides. This can be disabled if you’d like. Carts and track are also now colorable.

Mover Train: Track Type


@Johanna continued working on the Minigolf SDK. She also did an art pass and optimization on the fishing building and the surf shop in Plaza.

@Joshua continued working on the updated workshop player model skeleton.

@Lifeless worked on fixing lighting issues with the engine upgrade.

@macdguy worked on more mover tools for the Workshop SDK. He worked on fixing bugs and getting the next update ready for release.

@Nuclearxpotato worked on two refrigeration items, as well as the bumper car. He also added cutaway variants to the Canvas Pyramid, providing access to new sloped shapes.

@Sketchman worked on fixing issues with the engine upgrade.

@Wheezwer worked with Makeship on the upcoming Dragon plush, and helped identify any issues blocking release of the next update.

@Will worked on music for SDNL.

Workshop: Animation Testing with the New Rig

Condo: Refrigeration Items

Condo: Canvas Pyramid Cutaway Variants

Plaza: Bumper Car

Wrap It Up

That about covers everything that happened since March 4th, 2024 at PixelTail Games.

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please, PLEASE! let us choose different walking animations when the new rig comes out

I want my skeleton to walk like that



OH MY GOD! New rig looks absolutely fantastic!!! also super happy with new refrigeration as well : D


WOO! Bumper Carz!


I was thinking about how nice it’s be to have modular canvas pyramids a few days ago!! Very excited to hear more about the workshop skeleton overhaul, too. Keep up the good work!


I’m hoping it goes well as well. Given my contributions to your rigging service, it might be a good thing!