Weekly Dev Log for July 30th, 2018


DK does NOT dab by the way.

I really wish they wouldn’t add dabbing. It’s embarrassing.


Will Dave be publicly released? please i need him in my life


Please do not add a dab. That would seriously make me like this game a lot less if I see people dabbing left and right. I thought this stupid trend died out


Belay that.
The Dab emote is an essential mechanic to ensure this great game never dies.


[quote=“Clinterpottrmus, post:43, topic:28424”]
That would seriously make me like this game a lot less
[/quote] i mean if emotes come in workshop, sorry to tell you but, it’s 100% gonna be a thing


Dabbing is a cheap trick to make weak emotes stronger


reverse that


Dabbing is tasteless.
Disco moves, on the other hand, are the most refined aspect of high culture.


Good point, but what we really need is the fortnite default dance


yeah nah that will make me upset and sad


no we need every tf2 taunt ever


No we need transformer poses


We need Gmod dance 1 & 2 back


Well, if its a workshop community thing I guess its fine. I just didn’t want it to be an official thing that everyone would use nonstop. What I’m saying is if there was like a couple default emotes on an emote wheel, and one of then was a dab it would be used way more than a workshop item