Weekly Dev Log for January 21st, 2020

Weekly Dev Log for January 21st, 2020

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Weekly Dev Log for January 21st, 2020, detailing all the changes that have happened since January 13th, 2020. Note: Devs that don’t appear in the weekly log are not necessarily away or not doing work, but may be working on things currently not announced or backend work that doesn’t need to be detailed.


@macdguy started worked on “Lonely Gun 30XX” gameplay, along with working on the arcade achievement list, leaderboards, and stats.

@madmijk continued working on “Captain Calypso’s Planetary Piano”.

@wheezwer worked on art for “House of the Zombies”, created a new backboard for “Super Hoopers”, and worked on art for “Dino Climb Turbo Ultra '74 Edition”. She also started working on dialogue for the Arcade NPCs.

Lonely Gun 30XX Demo Gameplay WIP

New Art for Dino Climb Turbo Ultra '74 Edition WIP

New Backboard for Super Hoopers WIP

Condo I/O

@macdguy started working on the basics for Condo I/O, where the player can connect items together using a “Wire Tool”. When items are connected to certain special items (such as a button), they’ll perform their default action. For example, a button connected to a door will cause the door to open and close when the button is pressed. A button can be attached to multiple doors. Item connections are stored in the condo data. This basic test is the first step for Condo I/O.

Condo I/O Button Test WIP

Condo I/O Keypad Test WIP

Cooking Items

@JJosh continued working on items for cooking.

Cooking Items WIP

Plaza: Gameworlds Ports

@Lifeless started working on a experimental concept for bringing back the Gameworlds Ports to the central plaza.

Plaza: Gameworlds Ports Concept WIP

Little Crusaders: Achievement Icons

@Sketchman created new achievement icons for “Knightsend-By-Sea” along with updating older Little Crusaders achievement icons.

Updated Little Crusaders Achievement Icons WIP


@Sketchman looked into merch concepts, finished exposing the moderation system for condo owners to use, and updated some backend systems.

@Wheezwer looked into merch concepts, starting sketches of some ideas.

@Caboose700 started working on the new server infrastructure.

Wrap It Up

That about covers everything that happened since January 13th, 2020 at PixelTail Games.


Condo I/O will make condos 1000% better
EDIT: It would look great if the gameworlds ports were the join screen and a little planet behind (Like the one shown in the picture) but solid with details from the different maps. For example, the minigolf planet would have at the top the red flag and around it different biomes like a candy world, a forest and so on.


@Lifeless Bro that looks sick as fuck, is each Gameworld gonna have this Globe-like thing?


Nice Work devs


That’s a nice step for Condo I/O, I didn’t even think about a keypad but that already looks awesome! Can’t wait to follow the progress.


Wow that Marshmellow cocoa looks so good. I’m going to scale it up and swim in it and no one can stop me.


i appreciate how the wire tool is literally barbed wire
Will there be I/O buttons that activate if you stand on them? it could open up so much possibilities for ball race maps in condos (i cant be the only one :slight_smile: )

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The orb idea is great for overall functionality and such. But man am I going to miss the individual themed ports. Might just be because I played a lot more Garry’s Mod Tower but I’m gonna miss having the ports. Wish there was some way they could make GMT Lobby 2 style game ports with minimal activity but I see this as the future. Queuing from the ports was bound become 100% obsolete once they introduced joining from the menus. It’s the right move moving forward considering there’s never gonna be enough traffic to justify keeping details there. Just wish it could stay because of the charm.

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That’s all looking good! Condo IO elements are a welcome surprise and I’m glad to see Lonely Gun 30XX is making the first round of Arcade cabinets. Definitely excited to take part in some light gun gameplay.

Yeah, we want to make pressure pads.


On the topic of ball race (and potentially other condo minigames), is there the potential to have some type of “mover” tool that allows you to set objects to move in a pattern in the future? Such as setting a canvas wall to spin 360 degrees to function as a moving platform, or something along those lines.



This is one of the features I’ve wanted for Tower Unite most of all, and I’ve specifically mentioned moving the ports to a smaller Plaza area before. God bless you all.


condo io, cooking, and plaza gameworlds all in one post? dont tease me like this guys


I’m very looking forward > :smile:

Can you make the pressure pads work with an X amount of players? For example, if one player is standing on a pressure plate some music starts playing. When 10 players are standing on it, a disco ball comes down from the sky (a piston or something, doesn’t matter) and when 20 players are standiong on it some lights start flashing.
It would be great for some interactive minigames or activities


That totally can be a setting on the pressure pad for sure.


Just to point out, having chopsticks stuck into rice like that is a disrespectful thing to do. Having it on top of the bowl is :ok_hand:.


Is that just a thing in Japan? Also don’t the chopsticks need to be sticking directly up?

Edit: I read this article which goes more in depth with chopstick etiquette:

This rule seems exclusive to Japan though, I can’t find much in other Asian cultures regarding this:

What other kind of things do you think we may get with the I/O system? Is it going to function like wiremod? Could we, i dunno, attach thrusters to some object with physics, and make it follow people, for example? Or display something on an oscilloscope style screen? I’m genuinely curious to see how it turns out.